DelayedExec improves Windows startup by delaying startup programs

Every time you start Windows your computer becomes unresponsive for several seconds. This is the time when all your startup programs are loading, and because there is no order in the process a complete chaos ensues as each application tries to access memory and CPU resources at the same time. Depending on how many applications are configured to startup along with Windows and how resource intensive these applications are, the wait might extend up to several minutes. A common solution is to reduce the number of startup programs.

But a better solution comes in the way of yet another startup program – DelayedExec. This program allows the user to move all applications from startup to being run in a queue in a timely manner, leaving a less stressful computer upon startup.


Using this program, the user can arrange the startup applications in a queue and introduce a delay between each application launch. This enables the user to add all his or her favorite application to startup and at the same time avoid the wait users are forced to go through on each login. 

DelayedExec however cannot prevent Windows services and some hardware locking up the system.

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