DoubleTwist – Manage, view and sync your media files across all devices

DoubleTwist is a new, free media manager for Windows and Mac that simplifies media management, syncing with portable devices and sharing.

DoubleTwist is capable of handling a large number of devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod, G1 and Android phones, Nokia N and E series phones, Sony PSP, most digital cameras etc etc.


Transferring media files like pictures, music and videos is as simple as dragging and dropping to the device. Once you hook up your phone or device to your PC, doubleTwist automatically recognizes it and the device shows up inside the program. Click the “Photos,” “Music,” and “Video” tabs to configure which items you want to sync with your device and leave the rest to this program. doubleTwist automatically converts the files to the appropriate format before moving them to the device. 

DoubleTwist includes a bit of social networking into the program. It’s mandatory to register before you can use this application. This makes it easy to share files among all doubleTwist users. Even if your friends and family do not use doubleTwist you can still send them files. The receiver can view the sent items by following an email link to the uploaded content on their server. Now obviously there will be some restrictions on the file size since you will using their resources and bandwidth. Videos are restricted to 10 minutes, audios to 90 minutes and images to a pretty crappy 800×600 resolution.

With doubleTwist you can also upload videos to YouTube and images to Flickr with the click of a button. Here is one cool feature – you can save YouTube videos to your hard disk by simply dragging the URL of the video from the browser straight to your library.

DoubleTwist is a good application for syncing and transferring files between the computer and the device. However, it’s a big memory hog. Expect anything close to 200 MB when this application is running.

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