Editra, a new open source text editor

If you feel that Notepad++ or it’s numerous equivalent has too many functions you never use, you can try Editra, an open source, multi-platform text editor that “focuses on creating an easy-to-use interface and features that aid in code development.”

Currently this application supports basic auto completion and syntax highlighting for more than 60 languages. There is also a style editor that allows the user to customize the syntax highlighting color, or choose from one of the several color schemes available.


One handy feature of Editra is the availability of plugins. There are only a handful of them right now like calculator, code browser, CSS optimizer etc.

Key Features:
· Auto-Completion (Python)
· Auto-Indent
· Built-in Plugin Downloader/Installer
· Clipboard history
· Code Folding
· Code to Html/LaTeX Generation
· Open files by drag and drop
· Automatic file backup option to periodically backup buffer contents
· Search/Replace in selection option to find dialog
· Highlight Style Editor
· Line Bookmarking
· Line Edit Commands (Join, Transpose, ect…)
· Multilingual Interface
· Syntax Highlighting (60+ Languages)
· Tabbed Windows
· Word Wrap

Editra is still in alpha development stage.

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