gMote brings mouse gestures to Windows

We use shortcuts all the time in the form of keyboard hotkeys and often mouse gestures in browsers like Opera or Firefox. While Windows has plenty of built in keyboard shortcuts, to enable mouse gesture we have to use third party tools such as gMote, an excellent mouse gesture program for Windows.

gMote lets you configure your own set of mouse gesture, by drawing them on a canvas and recording the gesture. Then you can assign an action to the gesture which can be anything from launching programs, files, opening website, controlling the media player, minimizing/maximizing windows, copy/paste and even simulate a keyboard combination press.



Another useful feature is the ability to create multiple sets of mouse gestures. For instance, you can create a set of gestures for opening different web URLs and use this set only when you are browsing. This gives you the possibility to assign the same gesture to perform different tasks under different situations.

To prevent accidentally making a mouse gesture, you can configure the application to accept gestures only when you press the CTRL key or CTRL+SHIFT key, or middle mouse and so on. By default the gesture is performed using the right mouse button.

There is another option called Timeout which when enabled will ignore the gesture if you don’t move the pointer soon after pressing keyboard button (SHIFT/CTRL), which makes it possible to perform the same gestures like dragging window around without triggering gMote.

Here is a video demonstration of the program.

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  1. sreekanth menon Reply

    "Stroke it" is also an equally good option

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