LinuX-gamers, a Linux Live DVD of games

Not all Linux distributions contain the same stuff, not linux-gamers at least. This Linux live DVD is exclusively for gaming. The project has been around for some time, and just a few days ago they released their latest version 0.9.5.

The live DVD comes packed with a total of 34 games of various types, from role playing to first person shooter. Users can play the games directly from the Live DVD without having to install anything on their computers. Linux-gamers is based on Arch Linux.

Earlier editions of this distribution had a single version, but now three more variations has been introduced.

  1. Lite ISO: Small CD image (700MB) containing a limited games selection suitable for children and older computers.
  2. Lite USB: Same games selection as the Lite ISO version but for USB keys and USB sticks (requires minimum of 1GB USB device).
  3. Big ISO: Big DVD image (4.7GB) containing the full games selection for adults and more recent computers.
  4. Big USB: Contains full games selection as per Big ISO. Meant for USB sticks of at least 5GB capacity.


Linux-gamers live DVD requires an x86 architecture equivalent computer with atleast 512 MB memory and graphics card with 3D acceleration. The DVD includes NVIDIA drivers for GeForce2 MX up to GeForce GTX 295 and ATI driver for Radeon HD 2400 up to Radeon HD 4890.

Here is the list of games included:

· Armagetron Advanced
· AstroMenace
· Blobby Volley
· Chromium B.S.U.
· Extreme Tux Racer
· FooBillard
· Frozen Bubble
· Hedgewars
· LBreakout2
· Pingus
· Quadra
· Secret Maryo Chronicles
· Teeworlds
· World of Goo Demo
· XMoto
· Battle Tanks
· Frets On Fire
· Glest
· Maniadrive
· Neverball
· Neverputt
· Nexuiz
· OpenLieroX
· Sauerbraten
· Scorched 3D
· SuperTuxKart
· Tremulous
· Urban Terror
· Warsow
· Warzone 2100
· Battle for Wesnoth
· Widelands
· World of Padman

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