MyFreeWeather, the coolest weather program

You might need a weather program on your desktop if you agree to anyone of the following conditions:

  1. You can’t start a conversation without mentioning the weather. Having a detailed knowledge on the weather will give you a variety of opening lines.
  2. You hardly move from your computer desk and have no idea what’s the condition like on the other side of the window.
  3. Your favorite section in the news show or newspaper is, yes, the weather.
  4. You can watch the weather report without noticing the weather girl.
  5. You can remember temperatures better than birthdays.
  6. You are a weather freak.

To be honest, I haven’t tried too many weather programs before so I might be wrong. But MyFreeWeather is definitely a cool, if not the coolest, weather program available.


MyFreeWeather allows you to see how the sky looks from any city in the world. This pretty image shows you a virtual sky, with clouds or dust or fog whatever the current weather may be and the approximate position of the sun or moon. It also gives you the current temperatures, atmosphere conditions like wind direction, wind speed, humidity and visibility, and a forecast for the next 5 days. It also shows you the current local time and date of any city in the world, the time of sunrise and sunset which is great for travelers.

myfreeweather2 myfreeweather3

MyFreeWeather also lets you track moving storm and weather patterns and get alerts to severe weather by clicking on the Weather Channel button. This is however external to the program as it just open your browser and directs it to for satellite and radar maps.

Now if you checkout there is a whole lot of information on the site. Particularly interesting are the radar and satellite maps showing clouds, temperature distribution and others.

MyFreeWeather is free and Windows only.

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