NetDrive maps remote FTP drives as local drives

FTP clients are so cumbersome to use. A tiny window to browse files on your FTP server and another tiny window to browse files on your local hard drive. It has limited file manipulation options and you can’t even open multiple windows to transfer files from multiple drives. It’s like using a tiny cell phone.

An easier way to work with remote FTP drives is to mount them as local drives on your computer. This can be done using a free tool called NetDrive.


Creating and account and logging in is just like any FTP client. But once you get connected, the remote FTP drive will be automatically mapped under an available drive letter as a local drive. Now you can perform any file operation on it just like on a local drive. Drag files from one explorer window to another to quickly transfer files between the FTP drive and your computer. Double click on executable on the remote drive to execute them and even play video and audio files directly from it. See, it’s just like a local drive?

The only disadvantage is that if the remote FTP server runs on Linux, you cannot change the read/write/execute file permission of files the way you can do with an FTP client, since such permission settings are not available under Windows explorer.

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