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New and updated Nimi Visuals adds hundreds of cool visual effects to Windows

There are plenty of eye candy programs for Windows from themes to icons, start menu to toolbars, but Nimi Visuals is one of a kind program. This program doesn’t add just one of two effects to Windows but about a hundred - from transparency to animation, glows and reflection and more. Recently, Nimi Visuals added about two dozens more features in it’s latest release.


Here is a brief  list of effects built in this tool

Transparency effects

  • Desktop shadows - Turn windows transparent and click-through while desktop is selected. Holding mouse with button pressed over transparent window activates it again.
  • Desktop show - while Windows and control key is pressed desktop is shown Window fading on creation, destroy, minimize
  • Contrast screen - Creates contrast between active and non-active windows
  • Taskbar and start menu transparency - Turns Your taskbar and start menu transparent
  • Taskbar reflection - displaying desktop reflection on the taskbar
  • Taskbar and start menu blur-Turns You taskbar and start menu transparent with blurred background.
  • Taskbar shadow-Makes taskbar drop shadow
  • Transparency on window move and resize-While moving on resizing window it will become transparent
  • Opaque window on mouse hover - turn window opaque when mouse is over it's area, and turn it transparent when it's outside
  • Transparent menu popup - Turn popup menus transparent with fading
  • Transparent window borders-Turn some window borders transparent using native borders theme.
  • Invisible desktop - Hide icons on desktop when it isn't focused.

Jelly effects

  • Window kinetics - window will keep its momentum during move
  • Jelly windows - Deform window shape depending on direction of its move in wobbly style
  • Window bounce - Makes window bounce on activation

Fluid effects

  • Fluid windows - Deform window shape while moving like it’s made of fluid
  • Fluid wallpaper - randomly deform wallpaper like it would be made from fluid

Illusion effects

  • Creation sparkle - Creates sparkle on window title bar at window creation
  • Aurora fade - Fades window on their creation or destroy, minimize with aurora alike lights effect
  • Contrast windows - Desaturate non-active windows


  • Window quiver - Minimizes or restore non-active windows on active window quiver movement
  • Window edge maximize - Maximizes window to half-width of screen when moved outside the screen edge.
  • Window edge warp - Warps window to opposite screen when moved outside the screen edge.
  • Window edge snap - Make windows snap to each other and screen edge.
  • Minimize non active window - Minimizes non-active windows
  • Picture wallpaper-board - Generate wallpaper filled with random images from User picture folder or Nimi folder in application data folder
  • Picture highlight - Generate wallpaper containing one image from User picture folder, highlighted on adapted background.
  • Screen frost - Covers wallpaper with frost.
  • Smooth wallpaper - smoothes wallpaper image
  • Showcase- Press Windows key and tabulator to switch windows in showcase.

Nimi Visuals supports third party plugins and desktop scripts (simple Javascript based scripts) using which even more effects can be added.

Despite it’s embarrassing number of functions, Nimi Visuals is surprisingly small at just under 1 MB. Although while running it consumes a fair share of memory which is understandable. The program doesn’t require any special hardware as all graphic effects are software based

[via Web Upd8]


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