Nokia Sports Tracker – a workout tracker and diary

Nokia Sports Tracker is a workout diary application for GPS enabled Nokia devices such as the N and E series and other compatible Nokia phones, which is a must have for anyone serious in fitness and works out.

Using the built in GPS device in your phone (or external GPS device), Sports Tracker records your run, walk or cycle including the distance covered, your position, the maximum, minimum and average speed during the workout, calories burned etc, in real time. The information can then be uploaded to their web service and the records maintained in an online diary. It plots your route on a map and also generates detailed graph showing your speed, altitude, heart beat (if you are wearing a heart-beat tracking device) etc. It’s also possible to share your personal records with other members of the community.


Additionally, if you take photos with your camera along the way it logs where you took them and uploads them. If you listen to music during the jog, you can record it and upload these too.

Nokia Sports Tracker is a free application.

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