PowerSlave – Different power schemes for different times

Windows Power Management is a tool that enables the user to configure how long the computer should wait for user input (key press, mouse movement etc) before shutting down power consuming peripherals like monitor, hard disk etc. The idea is to save power, save money and save battery in laptops.

The power management feature, though quite useful very few people actually use it. Most people are unaware of it while others simply don’t care. The rest who care have only one power scheme to choose from. So usually we select one, adjust it according to our needs and forget about it.

Recently I came across a tool on ShellCity that helps extend the usability of the Windows power management tool by enabling you to choose two different power schemes for day and night time. The free tool PowerSlave allows you to define your day start time and end time. It then lets the user choose one power scheme that will be used during the day and a second power scheme that will be used at night.


PowerSlave is pretty handy for PCs that tend to remain on all throughout the night. However, the application is too simple. I would like to see an option to choose different schemes for different weekdays. That would make it more useful.

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