6 WordPress themes inspired by popular websites and browsers

Designers need inspiration to create things, and when the inspiration comes from the most unusual and totally unrelated places, the created design always stands out. Here are some free WordPress themes that were inspired by search engines, web applications and browsers.

1. Woogle: Google search look alike WordPress theme. This will totally confuse the readers.


2. Gmail WordPress theme: Another very convincing theme that looks like the Gmail inbox.


3. Fresh Tweet: The Twitter inspired WordPress theme for Twitter fans.


4. Digg-like WordPress Theme: Based on the social media site Digg.


5. Chrome tweaks: This theme looks like the Google Chrome browser.


6. WP DashboardLike: This one is an odd theme that looks like the WordPress dashboard.


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  1. Unknown Reply

    That’s pretty awesome, I must say. These are quite lookalike of popular websites like Google, Twitter, Digg etc. These are pretty unique WordPress themes and I would love to try them on WordPress powered blog of mine.

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