Click2Try: Test Linux and other open source programs from your browser

Want to test drive a Linux distribution and open source application without downloading it or going through the hassles of setting up a virtual PC? Click2Try is a web service that allows you to do just that. Using Click2Try you can launch a remote virtual PC and run any of their supported applications or Linux distribution right from the browser. The only thing you require is Java.

Currently it allows you to run around 50 open source application – office suites, blogging software like WordPress, CMS like Joomla, accounting software, file management tools, etc and 3 Linux distributions – Suse, CentOS and Ubuntu. You also get 1 GB of disk space to create and store documents and files created using these applications, as well as 2 GB of RAM to run them. It’s also possible to save an application session and launch it later.


Click2Try is a fantastic idea, but the speed is killing me. It’s extremely sluggish making it practically impossible to enjoy the application. After a few minutes of struggling with the mouse pointer I gave up. Without good response from the application, you can’t do anything productive other than play with the interface.

Click2Try is free, but they also have premium plans that allows users to run more than one application at the same time.

[via Downloadsquad]

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