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Hannah Montana Linux anyone?

Desktop Linux Reviews ran a post two days ago reviewing a new Linux distribution called “Hannah Montana Linux”…… Wait! What? A Linux on Hannah Montana? Isn’t that the obnoxious kid at Disney Channel or whatever? Yes, that’s precisely her, and now they have a whole distribution dedicated to her. Facepalm.

If the name of the distribution itself did not make you sick in the stomach, certainly these screenshots will.



Unfortunately, the horror doesn’t end here. Quoting from the review at DLR,

When I booted into my Hannah Montana desktop I was greeted by two horrific things. The first was some cheesy music with her singing something about “the best of both worlds” or whatever. To me it was the worst of all worlds. Ugh. And the audio didn’t end. It just kept looping, over and over although she did seem to stop singing. But the cheesy pop guitar continued on and on and on…

The second thing I noticed was the color purple. Or perhaps it’s a dark pink. I really can’t tell which. I’d lean toward purple. Or would violet be the right color? Frankly, does anybody really care? Regardless of what the actual color is, it’s a very garish desktop. If I were going to continue using Hannah Montana Linux, I would surely change the heinous wallpaper. But then that would probably defeat the purpose of using this distro in the first place. Never mind.

And just for the information, Hannah Montana Linux is based on Kubuntu. It doesn’t have Gimp or OpenOffice or not even KOffice. It also doesn’t have any special Hannah Montana application, whatever that might be, just Hannah Montana wallpapers and customized Hannah Montana icons in puke-inducing colors.

And if you have kids who are crazy over Hannah, please don’t show this article to them.


  1. the review on the os made me lol.

  2. i love hannah montana

  3. i love hannah montana i love forever <3


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