Microsoft releases open source Wiki engine WikiPlex

The words “Microsoft” and “Open Source” occurring together in the same sentence might surprise some people, but the fact is, Microsoft is no stranger to open source. They have been contributing to the open source community, in a limited way of course, for the last couple of years. Recently, they even started venturing into uncharted territory by releasing 20,000 lines of code for the Linux community, to improve performance of Linux running as a virtual machine on top of Hyper-V.


Microsoft also owns an open source project hosting website, similar to SourgeForge, called CodePlex. In fact, the open source Wiki engine, WikiPlex, that Microsoft recently released is the underlying engine that runs CodePlex. WikiPlex’s code has been rewritten and released under the MS-PL (Microsoft Public License), allowing developers to use it for their own application.

WikiPlex is a regular expression based wiki engine that allows developers to integrate a wiki experience into an existing .NET application seamlessly and with little effort. WikiPlex is ideal if you are already a .NET developer. As WikiPlex is used by CodePlex, you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested in real-world scenarios. CodePlex hosts over 10,000 projects at the time of writing this.

[via Softpedia]

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