Nokia Music – Play, rip, transfer and burn music

Nokia Music is a music manager software for the PC and compatible Nokia devices using which you can play music, rip and burn your audio CDs, and transfer tracks between your PC and Nokia mobile phones. Nokia Music also integrates with Nokia music store allowing you to buy and discover new music from within the application.

Nokia Music can connect to multiple Nokia devices and organize your music collection on them. The My Devices area shows the devices that are currently connected, which one is selected for viewing, and the status of the ongoing rip, burn, and transfer operations.


Here are some key features of Nokia Music:

· Search, organize and listen to your music collection easily in one place; whether from the PC, mobile devices, CDs, or Nokia Music Store.

· Moving tracks and playlists to and from your PC and mobile devices has never been easier. Simply set up auto-transfer rules between your mobile device and PC or just drag and drop your music where you want, whenever you want.

· Nokia Music lets you connect music devices simultaneously, then view and transfer music between them easily in the Music Space. And if you want to listen to music on friends’ devices you can simply connect the device, find the music and play.

· Listen to your favorite CDs on the go by ripping it direct to your mobile device. There is no need to rip it to your computer first and you can complete the picture with album artwork

Unfortunately, Nokia Music support only a limited number of devices. Newer N-series models like N79, N95, N96 etc are supported but earlier models like N73 is missing. The 5-series XpressMusic editions are supported.

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