Office 2010: The Movie

After a series of pretty mediocre IE8 commercials (the only good one of which had to be scraped because of some stupidly squeamish people), Microsoft has come up with a new ad for their upcoming office suite.

The company has hired film maker Dennis Liu to create a commercial masqueraded as a promo of an action packed thriller – Office 2010: The Movie. The movie doesn’t exist for real but does have a funny plot. A rogue font is on the loose that causes anyone reading it to fall into a state of hypnosis and believe everything that they read. Their best agent, who has recently lost his partner Clippy, is recalled and it’s up to him to save the world. The commercial is embedded below. You can also watch it along with behind the scene materials on the official Office 2010: The Movie website.

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    sweet post! thanks for the shoutout guys!

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