Printee for Internet Explorer – Edit webpage before printing

A typical webpage contains several different sections other than the article – ads, images, snippets of related contents and some not so related contents. Why waste pages by printing everything on a webpage when you are only interested in the article or maybe only a part of the article?

Previously I wrote about a software called GreenPrint that allows you to remove clutter from a page before sending it to print. Printee for Internet Explorer is a similar tool, however, this one is available as a plug-in for the said browser. It allows you to edit a webpage directly inside Internet Explorer and condense any web page down to just the content you want.


When you want to print a page, before clicking on the Print button click on the Printee button. A toolbar will show up at the top of the page with an array of buttons to perform edit operations. You can select regions on the page you want to remove, expand, shrink, fit to width and so on. You can even change the font type and size. Printee supports the EcoFont we talked about a few days ago. This font with it’s hollowed out typeface uses 20% less ink, saving you both ink and money.

Once you are done with editing, print the page to get a cleaner and concise output.

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