[Sunday Double Treats] Pinata and The Haircut

Two short movies today.


Pinata is a classic story about a stuffed donkey’s search for respect. On the list of bad jobs, getting smacked with sticks by small children who want to get to your insides is right up there. One small, feisty, lolly-stuffed Burro has had enough … but there’s an even smaller, determined little girl who decides his sweets are going to be hers no matter what.

This animated short film was screened at various film festivals over the world. It picked the “Best Short Animation” award at the Australian Film Institute Awards 2005.

The Haircut

A barber welcomes a most unusual customer. ‘The Haircut’ recently won Best Short Film, awarded by the Mini Movie International Channel at the Short Film Corner at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

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