UsefulUtils Discs Studio, another good alternative to Nero

Ever since I made that list of 15 freeware Nero alternatives, I haven’t written about a single disc burning program. Even though some of the programs I listed doesn’t exist any more, it still provides you a handful of options. Here is another good optical disc burning program.

UsefulUtils Discs Studio might not have the greatest interface, but it works. In fact, I have noticed that most of the free burning programs have the same kind of layout and the same disregard for aesthetics. But a majority of them has a rich feature set to boast of.


Here is what you will find in UsefulUtils Discs Studio.

  • SCSI, ATAPI, Parallel port, USB (1.1 and 2.0) and FireWire (IEEE 1394) devices support.
  • ASPI, SPTI, SPTD interfaces support.
  • Burning on any discs support
  • "On-The-Fly" burning support
  • PerformOPC support
  • OverBurning (in UUDS – HyperBurning) support
  • Test burning (for CD only) support
  • Supported BUP (Buffer Underrun Protection)
  • Supported burning modes: Track-At-Once (TAO), Disc-At-Once (DAO/96), Disc-At-Once (DAO/16), Session-At-Once (SAO)
  • File system support: ISO9660 (Mode1/Mode2, Level1/Level2), ISO9660+JOLIET;
    UDF v.1.02 (UNICODE)
  • Bootable discs burning
  • Multisessional discs burning with a choice of any imported session
  • Burning of multiple disc copies
  • Verifing burning information
  • Burning image on HDD (creating ISO/UDF image file)
  • Supported audio files: MP3, WMA (if WMF9 or WMF11 is installed); ASF (codec must be installed for Windows 9x); OGG (if codec Vorbis OGG is installed); FLAC (if codec FLAC is installed); WAV files;
  • Discs grabbing to: ISO и MDS/XMF (compatible with Alcohol Software);
  • Image file burning. One-session image file supported: ISO, UDF – "direct" burning on disc; IMG, BIN, MDF, XMF, NRG, BWI, B5I, CDI, PDI – burning with "converting" on HDD;
  • Audiotracks ripping with converting to: WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC. FreeDB support;
  • Session extract. "Lost" and/or "hidden" sessions support;

UsefulUtils Discs Studio also lets you create a Send To item that enables you to send any file to the program for burning from the right –click menu. Just go to the program settings for dozens of other options. Not one of the best applications, but worth checking out.

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