Visikid – Remotely monitor your child’s PC usage online

Visikid is the perfect solution for working parents who has to leave their kids at home and hope they aren’t wasting time online, or worse, viewing online porn when they should be doing their homework. Instead of using application and site blocking tools, which never really work, Visikid emphasizes on teaching the child to be responsible and obey rules.

Visikid consist of a client application which runs on a computer running Windows. This application collects information such as websites visited and the amount of time spent on these sites, applications accessed etc and uploads these information to Visikid’s online server. The parent can login to the online account and monitor their child’s computer and online usage, in real time, from their workplace or practically anywhere.



The application is password protected and cannot be disabled by the child. In fact, it’s so paranoid that it prompts for password each time you try to access it’s menu items from the system tray. Tasks like disabling it temporarily, changing preferences or exiting the application requires you to enter the password, each time and every time.

Apart from child monitoring, Visikid is ideal for monitoring oneself and keeping track of one’s computer habits for analysis or self restriction. You can see how much time you spent on each site and the total amount of time you spent on your computer.

The free plan of Visikid is functional but restricts viewing of statistics for just one day. Upgrading to the full version of the program allows you to access data for all time. The cost of upgrading is $39 per year or $5 per month.

Note: The application is in Portuguese, but after installation it prompt you to select the language. Change it to English.

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    Thanks for review. We just upload an updated installation file, with English version.

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    You say it's Portuguese, I think it's Polish.
    Regards, Maciek

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