5 short links for today #12

1. 3dfilter: A search engine to find 3D models and textures. Can search for a wide range of supported models from Google 3D Warehouse, CAD and 3D Studio models.

2. AllFreeEssays: 190,000 free college and school essays. Being a kid is easy these days.

3. Javascript Wolfenstein 3D: Wolfenstein 3D in a browser. Use aroow keys to move around, but no guns 🙁

4. AltUse: Alternative use for everyday products. Use hairspray to remove ink stains, vodka to clean your eyeglasses, or coffee grounds to fertilize your garden. [via MakeUseOf]

5. Use Operating System Styles in CSS: A nice article describing how to use operating system attributes like fonts and system colors on web pages.

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