ALLPlayer – Media player with smart subtitles and more

Nowadays all modern media players can play all media files natively without depending on codecs present on the system. In this regard, ALLPlayer might seem like any other media player at first. But that’s not the case. It has several interesting features built into the player making it quite a unique software.


Main features

Subtitles: One such unique feature is the “IQ Text”. The “IQ Text” analyzes the length of the subtitles and alters their duration making them display on the screen long enough for you to follow easily. This is useful for slow readers or if the subtitles display time is too brief. You can configure how fast or slow you want the subtitles displayed onscreen. It can also “speak” subtitles that allows your kids to hear them, although the voice is robotic and unnatural.


ALLPlayer also has a full blown subtitle editor built into the system. You can edit subtitles, add new lines, delete lines, adjust timing, syncing and so on. ALLPlayer can also automatically retrieve subtitles from but I never had any success with this. Manually downloading subtitles is easier.


Some DivX files have embedded subtitles that can be turned ON or OFF on a player. Regrettably, some DivX DVD player have trouble displaying such embedded subtitles. ALLPlayer has a DivX Muxing tool that can extract embedded subtitles from DivX movies and create separate video and subtitle files that can be played by all DVD players.

Video Converter: ALLPlayer has an inbuilt video conversion utility that helps you convert new formats like x264 or MKV to the format appropriate for your DVD/DivX device.


AVI Doctor: This utility can fix broken DAT files and also let your preview incompleted Torrent video files.

FlowList and 3D Menu: Flowlist allows you to quickly and easily create video playlists, instead of plain text playlists. By connecting your computer to the TV, Flowlist allows you to experience a home theatre like setup. ALLPlayer also lets you create 3D menu from any video and then display it on any television receiver in full screen mode. This feature works with the video editor, another tool, which automatically creates chapters with screenshots of video files on your hard disk.

LiveUpdate: LiveUpdate allows you to keep your system up to date with the latest codecs and latest components of ALLPlayer. And yes, it does play a wide variety of video and audio formats.


Other Features:

  • Capture snapshot of the video and save to hard disk
  • You can password protect a playing video by pressing F10 and typing a password
  • Play videos as a desktop wallpaper, although this didn’t work for me.
  • Get movie information from or other custom servers
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports skins

Download ALLPlayer

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