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Backup game settings and saved games with MASGAU

Whenever I reinstall Windows, I almost always forget to backup my saved games. Even if I wanted to, I would have a hard time figuring out the locations of various saved games folders. Because often game developers tuck away this folder at some obscure place, like inside the “Application” or “Local settings” folder under “Documents and Settings”, both of which are hidden by default, or in “My Documents” or any other such unintuitive places. Why can’t the saved games be inside the game directory? I have always lost my saved games to drive format.

MASGAU is a fantastic application for people like me. When you run MASGAU it will try to detect the games installed in your system. MASGAU supports hundreds of games (281 at the time of writing this). Now you just have to select the games whose settings you want to back up and double click on it.


MASGAU archives the game settings for each games in separate .gb7 files. To restore any game, open the “Restore” tab and all detected restores will appear in a list. To restore an archive, find the game in the list and click the plus sign next to the game to show all the archives related to the game. Again double click an archive to restore the game settings. MASGAU can figure out on it’s own where the saves for each game need to go. So it’s completely automated.

It also has a backup scheduler. MASGAU is free and open sourced.

[via BlogsDNA]


  1. Do I hear you saying you don't usually backup your “Documents and Settings” folder? Yikes!

  2. No, I don't. The Documents and Settings folder of Windows is a place of trash. Every software you install on the system store their crap in this directory, most of these files aren't critical (the software runs just fine even if you delete these files). And worse, they leave their crappy files behind even after you have uninstalled the program.

    After like 2 years of use this folder becomes something like 4-5 GB, and most of it is of course, junk. When I format my C drive, I actually look forward to wiping this directory clean.

    I backup only selected programs - and that is usually just the browsers, Windows live writer, uTorrent and anything I feel like backing up. Backing up the whole “Documents and Settings” folder is Yikes!!

  3. Hey, this is the author of MASGAU. The link provided above is no longer accurate, MASGAu can now be found at


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