Divine Photoshop plugin converts PSD to WordPress

Divine is one of a kind free Photoshop plugin that allows you to convert any PSD template to a WordPress theme. It doesn’t magically create a WordPress theme with the click of a button, but automates a major part of the work involved and the necessary coding. Divine makes it possible for a non-coder with no coding experience to make a perfectly valid CSS/PHP website. There are a few restrictions in place, which will be mentioned later in the article.

To create a WordPress theme one has to load a PSD template in Photoshop and using the Divine tools assign various elements on the template to the correct WordPress elements, like header, sidebar, post title and so on. These elements are already built into the Divine editor and assigning them to the layout elements automatically creates the required PHP/HTML codes. The PSD template can either be a bought one or any free PSD template available on the web, or even one created yourself in Photoshop.


After all elements has been assigned, all we need to do that is press Publish. This will upload the theme to your server using the FTP login settings you provide.

Divine is currently in beta and though it has been released as free, we are likely to see a paid version of this tool when it finally comes out of the testing phase. This is also evident from the random restrictions they have imposed upon the free edition.


  • Layout size is limited to 1000×2000px and must not be smaller than 750×1000px. This was the first stumbling block I faced when I tried to load a PSD into Divine.
  • Cannot handle complex layouts. Divine uses the most basic page layout for the free version, with a header, one sidebar, one footer – you know, the usual kind.
  • You can only create up to 5 additional “useritems” or page elements other than the basic elements, which is far too limited.
  • All images are saved in GIF-format, which is a horrible restriction. You might have to convert the image to other formats like PNG or JPEG yourself.
  • A link to Divine Project is inscribed into the footer of the theme, but it can be removed.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    "This will upload the theme to your server using the FTP login settings you provide."

    OKay, but what are the FTP account settings for Host Port and Remote theme… ?

    Help, no tutorials for this !

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Host Port is 21
    Login name and password as usual.
    Did you say "Remote theme"? Can you show me a screenshot of it? I'm sorry I uninstalled the plugin and don't have it now.

  3. Divine Team Reply

    Guys if you have any problems considering FTP, please visit this page for detailed instructions.
    In case something goes wrong with Divine, please address us via email: [email protected] or visit our forum: http://www.ideastrunk.com/divine/

    Sincerely, Divine Team


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