Downloadable, printable, paper pin hole cameras

Have you ever made a pin hole camera? I used to make it as a child. It was fun and the best part was it worked. I used translucent tracing paper to project the image on and watched it from the other end. It’s possible to use actual photo film to capture images but I never went that far. Recently, I tried to make another pin hole camera to watch the solar eclipse last month. I did a poor job (probably lost touch of it) and it didn’t work as I expected.

If you are really interested in this kind of home made things, take a look at Corbis Readymech Paper Pinhole Cameras. These colorful and attractive cameras are made entirely out of paper and can be printed on your nearest printer. Instructions on how to construct it are provided along with the downloaded PDF file. All you need is some good printer paper, a thin cereal box for the light-safe interior and one role of film.

corbis-readymech-camera_1 corbis-readymech-camera_3 corbis-readymech-camera_2 corbis-readymech-camera_4

Exposure time for each camera for different lighting conditions are given too. The resulting images are low-definition, a little blurry but otherwise brilliant pictures for a camera that doesn’t cost you a dime. Here are some sample shots captured using Corbis Readymech pinhole cameras. (Thanks The Coolist)

pinhole3  pinhole2 pinhole1

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