Free personalized short URL domains

At one time there was no less than 100 different short URL services. Most of them are dead unfortunately. Well, of course, you can start your own. All you need is a domain and hosting, and then choose any one of a dozen of different short URL scripts. (Tip: Shorty is the best). Actually, no – you don’t have to do any of these and still get a fully functional short URL service at your own domain. is a hosted service that allows you to create your very own short URL service at your own free .tk domain. You will get the free domain, depending on availability of course, and you won’t require to install any script.

To get a personalized short URL go to, which is my short URL service and click on the link that says “get your own url shortener”. Enter your preferred domain name, click “create” and that’s it. Your short URL service is ready to use.

As as example, try this

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  1. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    I knew something was amiss when I wrote that. Thanks for clearing the air. Maybe you should add a proper "About" page, FAQ etc.

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