GIFexplode converts animated GIF into sequence of images online

GIFexplode is a new online service that lets you break down an animated GIF into a sequence of still images, and then save the frames you want. It provides three different ways to do it.


1. Upload the image from your computer and get back a set of individual frames the GIF is made up of.

2. A Firefox extension that lets you quickly convert any animated GIF you find on the Internet to it’s frames via GIFexplode

3. A bookmarklet, for non-Firefox browsers, does the same the Firefox extension does. Clicking on the bookmarklet takes you to GIFexplode and displays all GIF’s present on the page. Now just click on the GIF you want to convert.

Extremely useful tool.

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  1. Paul Exploder Reply

    The service does not work. Try the following:

    That works!

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