[Sunday Double Treats] Ratrix Hero and 10 Minutes

This Sunday I bring you two entirely different short movies – one is a humorous short animation while the other is sad and thought provoking. Let’s begin with the light-hearted one.

Ratrix Hero is an animated short action-comedy shot in the style of the movie “The Matrix” with utter convincing effects. The movie’s protagonist is a rat who is chased by cats in suits – the Agents. This 6 minute movie was the work of two persons over a period of 6 months. The characters are made from modeling clay, animated frame by frame, and the action takes place entirely within computer generated scenery.

10 minutes is short movie that lasts, as it’s title indicates, only 10 minutes, but it tells a much longer story. It tells how different things can happen to different people in only 10 minutes, and how 10 minutes in someone’s life mean nothing but can be fatal in another’s. The film won the award for the best European short film in 2002.

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