Topalt EnableDisable: MS Office addons startup manager

You have seen Windows startup managers, now here is Microsoft Office addons startup manager. Topalt EnableDisable is a very useful Office addons manager that provides you a central location to manage all third party plugins and tools that you may have installed for Microsoft Office.

Just run the program and it will display all plugins installed on the system under separate tabs for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. It shows you which plugins are active and which are installed but currently inactive, along with a description for each plugin. It shows both third party plugins as well as Microsoft’s own functionality enhancement tools, so even if your Office installation is a clean and new one it will still show a handful of different plugins.


Next to each plugin there is a checkbox that allows you to turn the plugin on or off on demand. It looks very much like a typical Windows application start up manager, like the default MSConfig tool.

Topalt EnableDisable makes it possible to install and use dozens of different plugins without worrying about conflicts or slowing down Office startup or instability issues.

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