Use Twitter as instant messenger with T-Messenger

T-Messenger is an Adobe AIR based Twitter client for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems with instant messaging capabilities. Like many similar desktop Twitter clients, T-Messenger boasts of number of advanced features and usability enhancements not found in the web version of Twitter.

T-Messenger supports Group and Filters that allows you to organize your contacts in easier to manage groups. When you have hundreds of contacts your account gets flooded with tweets and the really important ones can easily get missed. Filter and groups lets you organize your contacts and lets you see tweets from only a certain group of contacts at a time.


T-Messenger supports drag and drop for uploading pictures. Just drag any picture from your computer, drop it in T-Messenger’s textbox to share.

T-Messenger will also automatically shrink URLs as you type, and if you exceed the 140-character limit it will make multiple tweets allowing you to post whatever you want without having to worry about making your message smaller.

And possibly the best feature of T-Messenger is that it can be used as an IM client. Just double click on a contact, send the message and see their responses on the same conversation window in real time, just like any other IM client. I think using Twitter as an instant messenger is a wonderful idea, not that it’s new one – people use Twitter to chat all the time. T-Messenger just makes this better and easier to use.

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