Vectir – PC remote control via Bluetooth or infrared

Vectir is a remote control software for Windows that allows you to control  applications on your PC such as media players (Winamp, iTunes and Windows Media Player) and Microsoft PowerPoint via a Bluetooth enabled mobile device or an infrared remote control. Vectir can also control various other settings of the operating system like keyboard, move mouse pointer, change volume, computer restart and shutdown etc.


Like any remote control software, Vectir essentially consist of a server end which is to be installed on the PC and a client end which is required to be installed on the cell phone. The cell phone should support the Java platform. All S60 symbian devices should be capable of running Vectir, according to their website. They also have compatibility list consisting of devices they have been successfully tested.

Though they have detailed the setup procedure on their site, I’m having a hard time figuring out certain steps. Some of the screenshots they show are entirely different from what it actually appears. For example, where the hell is the “Profile” tab and it’s settings in the Bluetooth server plug-in setup?


What they see


What I see

Anyway, if you have better luck then me then you can do a whole lot of things with your cell phone. Several default profiles already come installed along with the software. All actions are configurable and key bindings can be changed. The beta version of Vectir even supports creation of macros, controlling the PC keyboard, sending text from the PC to the phone and triggering the Alt+tab shortcut to juggle between open windows from the cell phone. Sounds great, only if I could make it work.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    The online help is for version 1 and doesn't match exactly for version 2.
    The screenshot for version 2 shows that a COM port is required. This means that you are probably using the Toshiba or BlueSoleil stack. You have to:
    a. Create a COM port if using Toshiba or choose one of the available BlueSoleil COM ports.
    b. Open this COM port from the Server tab of the Bluetooth server dialog
    c. Select a COM port connection type from the main menu on the phone
    d. Select "search for server" and select the COM port from step a. You should now be connected to the server.
    Toshiba COM port instructions are here:
    For Bluesoleil, look in the Bluesoleil software to find the names of the available COM ports. There should be two

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