Windows Live Movie Maker out of beta, but ignores Windows XP

Good News: Windows Live Movie Maker, which debuted last year as a beta, is now available for download as a stable release.

Bad News: It doesn’t support Windows XP.

The Windows Live Team explains the lack of support for the most popular OS.

In order to take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies available on the Windows platform, we optimized the new Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows Vista and Windows 7. As a result you get support for newer file formats like HD, a new graphics driver model which brings more reliable and stable support for high-end graphics, and a new engine on top of DirectX, which improves speed and enables even more advanced capabilities over time.


The latest version of Windows Movie Maker supports full high definition videos up to 1080p, and comes with more than 60 transitions, 18 pan and zoom options, and 20 visual effects that you can apply to photos or videos, plus video trim, split, and fade capabilities. The new Movie Maker also supports additional file formats including QuickTime formats, AVCHD and .MPEG4.

Social sharing has been made easier with the new release. You can now post your video to YouTube right from the main menu, or add a quick plug-in and easily publish to Facebook. More plug-ins is expected to be added in future to support other popular sharing sites. You can also burn your creation to a DVD or save it in high definition to play on your TV. Save it down to a smaller format and transfer it to a mobile device or send it via email.

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