Abbee Commercial Free FM Radio records radio minus ads and RJ talk

I have a love-hate relationship with my FM radio. I love listening to music on the FM radio channels, but I can’t stand the radio jockeys. Their incessant inane chattering and smarminess always gets on my nerves that I end up switching channels back and forth, constantly.

The Abbee Commercial Free FM Radio is a clever invention. It’s a portable FM radio recorder and player that has the ability to record music while stripping out advertisements and the radio jockey’s blabbering that ruins your listening pleasure. The FM recorder and player are actually two separate devices. The player, called Music Lock, is small and portable and can be docked to the FM recorder for recording. When recording is done, the player can be unplugged from the device and carried in your pocket.


The Music Lock can hold 500 songs and has a 12 hour built-in rechargeable battery. The gadget is still not available for purchase, but when it finally is, it’s going to set you back by *cough* $249.99!

[via The Red Ferret]

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