Coral IE Tab – Improved IE tab addon for Firefox

Even though most websites today are web standard compliant, there are still some sites that refuses to render correctly on any browsers other than Internet Explorer. The IE Tab addon for Firefox is hence one of the most regularly downloaded addon from Mozilla’s website, clocking at more than 200K downloads per week, at the time of writing this.

But there is a much better competitor to the IE tab that has been around for some time, and that is Coral IE Tab. Coral IE Tab enables users to view any web page using the embedded IE engine within Firefox allowing them to quickly switch between the IE engine and the Gecko engine without switching browsers, much like the old IE Tab addon.


Additionally, Coral IE Tab will sync cookies between IE and Firefox. So if you have logged into a page from an IE tab and want to switch to the Firefox engine, you can do so without losing your login session. From the “Settings” window you can manage URLs of the sites you want to sync cookies and user agent. You can also import your old settings from IE tab.

Coral IE Tab also brings support to the Adblock Plus addon, so all in-page ads on the IE tab gets filtered by it. This was not possible with the original IE Tab addon.

If you are already using IE Tab, you will need to disable, or better uninstall it before you can enable Coral IE Tab.

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