Diagnose Bios beep codes with Beeping Bios Codes

Beeping Bios Codes is a simple tool that explains the various BIOS beep error codes given when the system won’t boot. It lists all beep codes given off by IBM POST, AMI BIOS, and Phoenix BIOS.

The tool is simple to use. Select which beep code you want to check and click on the error code to see a description of code – causes and possible solution. Not all codes are explained with the same detail. Some are explained better describing the steps required to diagnose and solve the problem, while others simply state the cause of the error.


Of course, the tool can’t be any help if it’s on the computer which went kaput. But you can always keep it on a USB drive, or save it somewhere online.

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  1. thenonhacker Reply

    I prefer all info in this app to be printed in one page.

    Besides, info apps like these can be replaced with web pages. We can print web pages.

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