LiveBrush – A unique motion controlled drawing tool

LiveBrush is a drawing application based on the Adobe AIR platform. The most wonderful feature of LiveBrush is it’s unique motion control brush tool that irons out any jitters and sharp, awkward movements usually associated with mouse drawing allowing the user to draw exceptionally smooth lines, curves and patterns.


LiveBrush’s main drawing tool is the Brush. It’s a ‘live brush’ because it can change your line by responding to the speed of your gesture. There are a number of different brushes from simple pencil like to decorative ones that draw floral patterns or ink spots. One brush style may hide the line completely while showing only decorations, while another style may instruct the brush to wobble and bounce around your cursor.

Each brush reacts differently to the speed of drawing. The program allows you to adjust the brush behavior – it’s velocity, friction, drawing interval, angle, width, and other such parameters.

Like vector graphics application, lines drawn using the brush tool can be manipulated using points and lines and other geometric structures. You can drag a previously drawn line to take a new shape, extend it by adding more points or move them around. Other tools include a “Color Bucket”, “Transform” and a “Color Picker”.

The final product can be exported as an image or SVG. You can also download and import new brush styles from an online community, or share your creations with them.

Watch the video demo.

Some general ideas where you can use LiveBrush.

  • Create decorative flourishes and stylize patterns.
  • Create graphics for websites, posters and T-shirts.
  • Create wallpaper and textures

LiveBrush is an excellent tool for graphics designers, fashion designers and digital artists. Here is a few artwork created using LiveBrush.



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