outSSIDer – Sound alerted open WiFi network scanner

outSSIDer a free Windows software that scans your neighborhood for open, unencrypted WiFi networks so that you can surf for free. Whenever it finds one it alerts you and then tries to connect to it automatically.

All you have to do is run outSSIDer, close the laptop lid and start walking around the streets. When it detects an unencrypted wireless connection it alerts you with a sound. As the signal gets better you get a repeated ding-ding-ding sound, which means that you should stop and wait to allow the program to connect to the network. Once it successfully connects to the network you get a different tone notifying you of the success.

outsider-walk outsider-stop

The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to move around the streets looking for an open signal with your laptop open in your arms and instead disappear into an open manhole. Just walk around casually with your laptop nicely tucked under your arm but keep your ears open for the beeps. Once you are connected, find a place to sit down and surf right away. People will think you have a magical ability to sniff open WiFi connections with your nose.

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