Partition Find & Mount – Access lost partitions as disk drives

Partition Find & Mount is quite a unique piece of software. It’s a deleted and lost partition recovery software that helps you recover partitions that you may have accidentally deleted, or partitions lost due to corrupted Master Boot Records or due to a failed hard drive. The difference between other partition recovery software and Partition Find & Mount, is that the latter mounts the lost partitions as generic disk volumes making it accessible from Windows explorer or any file manager.


Partition Find & Mount employs three kinds of scan techniques to recover lost partitions. If only the MBR is corrupted, the recovery is usually quick with the “Fast Intellectual Scan”. If the MBR cannot be found, one can launch the “Normal Scan” where it scans all areas of the disk where standard partitioning tools are allowed to place the beginning of a partition. The “Thorough scan” looks into every sector of the drive searching for valid partitions. This is the most complete method and can take up to several hours to complete.

After the scan completes, the tool lists all partitions found. Now, you can add any found partition to the system by mounting and assigning a letter to it. Partitions are mounted in the read-only mode, which ensures that the data cannot be altered by the either the user or operating system or any software, until you have them safely recovered.

Partition Find & Mount also allows you to create an image of any partition on your hard drive. These images can be used later for scanning and mounting the same way it is done for generic hard drives.

Partition Find & Mount supports all versions of NTFS and FAT partitions.

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