Prevent cut, paste, copy, delete and re-naming of files and folders

Preventing users from messing around with your file system is one of the toughest thing to implement on a Windows machine. I discussed this issue in some detail in the past, enumerating the various choices you have. Now you can add another tool to the kitty.

Simply named Prevent, this small utility allows the computer owner to disable Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete, Copy To, Move to and Send To options as well as prevent renaming of files. Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V are rendered function-less too. Disabled options are grayed out in explorer’s context menu.

Prevent also disables the Task Manager’s End Process button. Also it doesn’t allow you to right click on process name and click on end process.


Just launch the application, set a hotkey and click on “Active”. This will activate the locking features. Press the hotkey again to deactivate.

Sounds great, right? Actually no. The program suffers from a serious flaw – it does not prevent copying of files through drag and drop! Just open two instances of Windows explorer and drag files and folders from one to the other. Poof! the security bubble gets blown away. The same problem we noticed with M File Anti-Copy. That’s why I said in the beginning of this piece that preventing copy/paste in Windows isn’t so easy.

It’s still a useful protection against the ignorant, like the friend who still uses IE6 and your grandma, and kids too, except some kids are too smart with computers.

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