Run polls on Twitter with StrawPoll

StrawPoll is a web service that lets you create and run polls or surveys among your Twitter follower. Simply register at StrawPoll, compose your question, provide the choices and post it to Twitter. Your posted tweet appears like as this:

Which Office suite you use?: Microsoft Office (1) or Open Office (2) ?


Followers who want to vote has to reply to your tweet using the format:

@twitterusername <your vote> <your reason>

where “twitterusername” is your Twitter username. People can vote either by typing the choice number or the answer. The reason can be of any length, of course, the entire message should fit inside 140 characters.

The results are available for viewing on a special page created under your account, along with the answers written by the participants, neatly arranged in two columns.

StrawPoll is nice way to survey your followers. The only limitation is that the service allows you to create polls having only two choice of answers.

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