Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turn your photos into a 3D animated face


Motion Portrait is a Japanese application that can turn any portrait-style photo into a living 3D animated face. Just upload any photo by clicking on “Change” and then “Upload”, and wait till it does it’s magic. Presently, you will see the face becoming live, blinking eyes and reacting to your mouse clicks and movements.

I tried it on Hitler’s photo. It’s creepy to see Hitler, with bloodshot eyes, come alive again.


That’s not all, you can add different hairstyles, moustaches and other crazy stuff over the face for some laugh.

[via Blogscoped]


  1. Work great ! I can save a jpg, but how do you do to save the animation ?

  2. You can't save the animation. You can try capturing a movie with a screencasting software. I took several screenshots and made a GIF, just for demo purpose.


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