Animated [b2] Gmail Notifier

[b2] Gmail Notifier is a funny way to check new emails. It’s a free Adobe AIR based Gmail notifier for Windows, Linux and Mac that alerts you of new emails through cool animations.

[b2] Gmail Notifier is as simple as an email notifer can get. All you have to do is enter your Gmail username and password, and login. The notifer sits quietly in the system tray and keeps checking your account for new mails at set interval which can be adjusted by the user. The notifer comes with 4 animations and 2 additional animations can be downloaded and installed from the website.

From the usability angle, the default animation of a rotating envelope is the best one because it stays out of way at the lower right corner of the screen, and it shows snippets of the each mail in succession like the original Google Gmail Notifier.

animated-gmail-notifier2 animated-gmail-notifier1

Other animations like the Stork and Breaking Glass (both of which needs to downloaded separately) and Spider are cute, but doesn’t show you the number of mails received or their summary. Each animation is accompanied by sounds, but that can be turned off if you want to.

Think that’s too childish? Here are some serious Gmail notifiers.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    How many accounts does this one support?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    The new version at has multiple account support!

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