AVI ReComp makes unplayable AVI files playable in DVD players

Let me clear this before you get all excited. No, you cannot play AVI files if your DVD player does not support MPEG4. There is no workaround for this. But even if you do own a DivX/Xvid supporting DVD player, it might not always be successful in playing AVI files, particularly if your DVD player is of an older model.

Older generation DVD players and even some newer models have trouble playing AVI files that were encoded using QPEL (Quarter pixel) or GMC (Global Motion Compensation) motion compensation technology. If you’ve come across an AVI file that plays fine in your computer but refuses to play in your DVD player it could be a QPEL/GMC compatibility issue.


AVI ReComp is a software that will help you re-encode AVI files with QPEL/GMC functions removed making it compatible with all standalone DVD players.

AVI ReComp is basically an AVI editor, and a pretty versatile one. The program enables you to recompress your AVI files using Xvid codec and perform various modification like change video resolution, file size, aspect ratio etc.

Here is a quick rundown of the features of AVI ReComp

  • Recompress AVI files to new size
  • Adjust encoding parameters for best standalone DVD players compatibility (no QPEL, no GMC, max. cons. BVOPs = 1, bitrate spikes control)
  • Add subtitles. Supported subtitle formats – TXT, SUB, SRT, ASS, SSA
  • Adjust subtitle settings like font, color, position etc(works only for SSA and ASS subtitles)
  • Add own logo or watermarks to the video. You can adjust the logo position, start time, duration, fade in and fade out time and alpha blending
  • Change video resolution
  • Crop video
  • Change aspect ratio and/or add black bars to the video
  • Preview the video movie with all new settings
  • Convert audio streams of the video and set desired bitrate, encoding mode and sampling rate
  • Adjust volume level
  • Batch encoding is supported
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