Copy changed files

Copy changed files is a free Windows utility that does what it says. It monitors a directory and whenever it detects any files being changed, copies the changed file to another directory leaving other files untouched.

When copying files to the destination directory, Copy changed files maintains the directory structure. It can also append the current date to the copied file allowing you to use it as a version control software. The tool provides option to ignore files changed before a particular date. You can also specify the type of files you want to copy and the types you want to exclude. It’s simple but very handy.


If you’re looking for a better version control utility, DocShield does a pretty neat job and FileHamster does real time monitoring and incremental backups – an ideal tool to set up a version control system for free. You can even save multiple versions of the same Word document in Microsoft Office 2002 with this little trick.

[via Shell Extension City]

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