Move or backup emails from one account to another with MailCarbon

Migrating from one email account to another is tough. It’s like moving to a new house, only harder. The thing is, no email service provider wants it’s users to leave and so provides no easy way to move their mails from one account to another. If you switch email address you’ll just have to leave your old mails at your old address.

MailCarbon provides a solution. It’s a Java program that allows you to move emails from one email account to another over IMAP. You can choose to backup either the complete inbox, which is the default behavior, or only specific folders – a terribly useful option. For instance, you can create a new folder in your old email account and move only those emails which are important to you, and then copy this folder to your new email address.


You can also use MailCarbon as a tool to backup your email account to another server. The only thing that’s required is support for IMAP on both the accounts.

If you want to create a local backup of your Gmail account, then you can use Gmail Backup. Gmail also provides options if you want to move from Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL to Gmail.

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