Remove nag screens or automate mouse clicks with ClickOff

Shareware programs are usually as good as freeware except their nag screens that splashes right in the center, disrupting your work and forcing you to sit through the 30 second promotion while try to convince you to buy the paid version. Curiously, even some freeware come with splash screens. ClickOff is a small, free, Windows utility that helps you deal with such disruptive and irritating nag screens.


Simply launch the program, point your mouse pointer to the screen or window you want to remove and press Ctrl+Alt+D. This will add this window to ClickOff’s list. The next time the window or screen appears, ClickOff will kill it instantly.


ClickOff can do more than just closing windows. You can configure it to maximize, minimize, right-click, click the OK button, or fill in text field. You can also set a time delay before any action is taken. Basically, ClickOff is a mouse automation tool that helps you deal with splash screen, browser pop-ups, window confirmation boxes, error messages and so on.

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[via Maximum PC]

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