SBar Taskbar Replacement – Windows 7 task bar features in XP and Vista

One of the most noticeable improvement in Windows 7 is the task bar, rechristened as ‘Superbar’. The thick glassy task bar with features like ‘Jumplist’ and ‘Pin-to’ has endeared many to the new operating system. If you are one of those who are still not ready to upgrade to Windows 7, there is a way for you to enjoy some of the new task bar features while continuing to use Windows XP and Windows Vista.

SBar Taskbar Replacement is a free Windows taskbar replacement software that brings some of the notable features of Windows 7’s Superbar to the almost functionless taskbar of Windows XP and Vista.


SBar Taskbar Replacement brings the following functionality to Windows XP and Vista.

  • Grouping taskbar buttons in the way Windows 7 do it.
  • Thumbnail previews for all opened windows. (in XP static – live in Vista)
  • Jump lists with pin support
  • Additional tasks in jump lists
  • Pin support to taskbar (experimental)
  • Support to Skype 4.x and Firefox 3.x
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