Scan Tailor – Post-processing tool for scanned pages

When you scan a page, the scanned output usually includes regions you would like to omit – the edges of the page, for instance. Also the scanned copy might be slightly askew or clipped to one side. When you are scanning a large number of pages, usually books, these errors tend to escalate generally because of the monotonous nature of the job. Often you will have to sift through your scanned pages to correct these errors.


Scan Tailor is a tool that makes your job easier. It’s batch processing tool that allows you to apply changes to all of your scanned copies at one go. The changes include operations like page splitting, changing orientation, adding/removing borders, selecting content etc.

Simply load the images of the page scans into Scan Tailor and specify page margins, rotate pages, split pages if you scanned two pages at a time, and so on. You can then apply these operating to a single page, selected pages or all pages. The output is saved as a separate set of images, which you can then combine into a PDF or run it through an OCR software.

Scan Tailor is open source and a freeware available for Windows and Linux.

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