Taskbar Meters: Cool CPU and Memory usage meter for Windows 7

One application that resides permanently on my system tray is the Task Manager icon, that displays CPU utilization. I have been doing this ever since I switched to Windows XP from Windows 98. Today I noticed a new application released by the Codeplex community.

taskbar-metersThe application called Taskbar Meters consist of two simple but gorgeous CPU and memory utilization meters, one for each, that live in the taskbar. Taskbar Meters uses the taskbar itself to show the resource utilization info, as seen in the screenshot on the left.

Just pin the application to the taskbar to keep track of your computer’s resource usage. You can configure the update frequency and the percentages that determine "yellow" and "red" states.


The jump list gives you quick access to the Task Manager and the Resource Monitor too. Neat.


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