Volery, the single installer for popular application, is now Ninite and open to all

Recently, an online service called Volery received quite a rave among tech websites (no, we didn’t cover it). Volery allowed users to download a single installer that installs the most popular applications on their PC at one go. The installer is totally customizable – you can choose the applications you want to include in the installer. Volery was in private beta at that time.


Today Volery has opened it’s door to everyone, and curiously changed their name to Ninite. I thought brands changed names to revive a dying product or better represent an upgraded product. Volery or Ninite is neither. Whatever.

Ninite doesn’t need an account to use. Simply check the boxes against the applications you want to include and click on the “Get Installer” button. Applications available at Ninite include web browsers, messaging programs, media players, office applications including the trial version of Microsoft Office 2007, antivirus software, runtime files and so on. On last count there were 58 installers in total.

Ninite is free, but premium accounts are on the works which will offer features like local download caching, network share download caching, and a silent mode. These advanced features are currently enabled on free Ninite installers, but once the premium accounts are launched users will have to upgrade to continue using them.

[via Web Upd8]

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  1. Unknown Reply

    They don't support installing to anywhere but the default locations. Worthless.

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